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The Members of the Board

President - Katerina Gkoltsiou

Dr Aikaterini Gkoltsiou has a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Aegean in Greece, a Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, U.K., and a diploma in Αgriculture from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. She is the president of the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects, delegate of the International Federation of Landscape Architects, member of the Geotechnical Chamber in Greece and the Landscape Committee of Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

Nowadays, she is working as a freelance landscape architect and she is having a practice established in Athens since 1997. She specializes in a wide range of services in the design, construction and research sector of landscape architecture. Her landscape expertise involves the landscape design of public and private projects, landscape assessment, and landscape restoration projects. She is also a partner of AGRODESIGN, in order to promote rural tourism and to provide innovative ideas concerning the landscape design of agritourism farms and agricultural landscape.

She was giving lectures about landscape design and research in lifelong learning programs for adults and public officers. She was also the co-author in books for High Schools and Universities, she wrote articles in many scientific journals and technical reports for road schemes. From 2002, she is participating as project manager and scientific adviser in EU research programs. Her broad research interests involve qualitative and quantitative methodologies of landscape character assessment, methodologies about the evaluation of tourism impacts upon the landscape, landscape indicators, the application of Geographical Information Systems in landscape analysis as well as policies and methods for raising awareness among the civil society, private organisations, and public authorities about the value of landscapes and their protection.

Vice President of Educational Issues - Angeliki Paraskevopoulou

Dr. Angeliki Paraskevopoulou, is assistant professor of Landscape Architecture and Ornamental Plants at the Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture of the Agricultural University of Athens. In the past she has worked both abroad and in Greece as a full time landscape architect and agriculturist in designing and managing public urban spaces including a park of historical significance. Her research aims to identify social needs, enhance and protect historical sites, promote the use of native plant species and design aesthetically pleasing sustainable landscapes.

Vice President of Professional Issues - Neratzia Tzortzi

Dr. Julia Georgi/Nerantzia Tzortzi, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences, Neapolis University of Pafos (Cyprus). She received her PhD in Urban Environmental Design from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), her Master’s in Landscape Architecture from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) and her bachelor’s in Forestry Engineering and Natural Environment from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR). She is Vice President for Professional Issues of Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects-PHALA, Board Member of LE:NOTRE INSTITUT,  Member of IFLA and Landscape Institute. She has taught in several European Universities and she is currently visiting professor at Politecnico di Milano (IT) and at ZUST University, China. She designed and supervised the construction of significant landscape projects of ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games and to Egnatia Odos (Trans European Road). She won an award for her design submission at the UIA (International Union of Architects) professional competition “Happiness and Urban Space” and to Square of the Castle of Milano (Piazza Castello) and she was the coordinator of the design of the gardens of the Theological School of Chalki in Istanbul.

Vice President of Public Relations & Communication - Lena Athanasiadou

Eleni Athanasiadou is a Horticulturist (BSc, MSc), Master in Landscape Architecture, Dr Landscape Architect AUTh and Laboratory Teaching Staff at the School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, co-teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses relevant to landscape architecture at the School of Agriculture, School of Architecture and at the Joint Postgraduate Program of Studies ‘Landscape Architecture’. She has co-supervised over fifteen undergraduate dissertation theses and been involved (as a participant or coordinator) in workshops and architectural competitions (gained one honorable mention). She has participated during 2002-2016 in national and international research programs under the themes of crop protection, organic farming, landscape architecture and urban rejuvenation. She is the co-author of two books (on organic agriculture and on land-use planning) and one book chapter (on resilience of the suburban landscape, to be published). She has published two papers in scientific journals and ten and eight papers in international and national conferences proceedings, respectively. Her PhD thesis was on spatio-temporal analysis of the suburban landscape using landscape metrics and her main scientific interests include landscape planning and landscape ecology. She is a member of PHALA (PanHellenic Association of Landscape Architects), IALE, LE:NOTRE Institute and EUCALAND.

General Secretary - Andreas Nassos

Andreas Nassos is a multidisciplinary designer with a master’s degree in landscape architecture and a degree in agriculture and ecology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is the General Secretary of the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects.

His professional experience over the past decade ranges from small to medium scale landscape design and construction for residences, corporations and hotels as well as landscape preservation and reclamation. Alongside his landscape architecture career, Andreas is engaged in various initiatives that involve more social interventions such as workshops, conferences and competitions. His main interests include sustainability, ecology, preservation and reclamation of natural habitats, urban green interventions, co-working space enhancements through green common spaces, and innovative green solutions.

Treasurer - Menia Bassiakou

Menia Bassiakou is an Agricultural Engineer (Agricultural University of Athens) and Landscape Architect (M.A. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She is the Treasurer of the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects, member of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece and has participated in various landscape design projects through diverse roles. Her research interests lie in the fields of ecology and sustainable design of the landscape, while at the same time she is involved with the art of graphic design and the search of new means of visual communication.

Member - Eleni Spiropoulou

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